Sample submission

1. Raw sample should be stored on ice/preservation in DNA and RNA stabilization solution if the samples are transported at ambient temperature.

2. In case of genomic DNA, the samples must be stored on ice/dry ice during transportation.

3. For DNA quantification, fluorometer is a more selective and accurate method for quantitating DNA concentration than UV-Vis spectrophotometer. The criteria for DNA measurement should be met.


4.  Before submission, the integrity of DNA should be checked on an agarose gel. DNA samples should be diluted in DNase free water (for WGS analysis), 10 mM Tris, elution buffer, or low TE (0.1x TE, 0.1 mM EDTA).

5.  Please completely fill out the sample sheet and sample tubes. The sample information is very important for bioinformatics analysis. If the information is not clear, the report will display incorrect data. In the case that your sample ID does not match the sample sheet, the report will be analyzed based on sample information on the sample sheet.


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