What is Illumina Miseq used for?

Illumina Miseq is an innovative technology of NGS used for the analysis of the genetic material and function. Illumina Miseq is a sequencing by synthesis (SBS) platform, which is a widely-adopted NGS platform worldwide. To date, over 4,800 publications have been generated from this technology. The Miseq performs onboard cluster generation, DNA amplification, sequencing by synthesis of DNA, and data analysis, including base calling, alignment, and variant calling in a single run. When fluorescently-labeled nucleotides are introduced into DNA strands on a flow cell surface, they act as the building blocks. The signal of fluorophore is recorded from fragment cluster via different color emitted from their fluorescence. The fluorophore is then released and allowed the next sequencing cycle to start by adding the next complementary fluorescently-labeled nucleotides. The signal of fluorophore is called a read. Ten of millions of fragment clusters can provide tens of millions of reads in a single run.

Currently, the Miseq system is able to provide the longest read length of (2 x 300 bp) and generates up to 15 Gb of output data with 25 million reads. The major applications of illumina Miseq can be divided into four broad categories including (i) metagenome such as 16S/18S/ITS and shotgun, (ii) whole genome sequencing (WGS) and targeted sequencing, (iii) transcriptomic sequencing such as miRNA and small RNA, and (iv) epigenome sequencing, which covers both genomic DNA and RNA sequencing. The Miseq technology provides an insight into all genetic material of the interested organisms.

   Miseq system performances

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